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Field Test Equipment
Product name:Field Test Equipment

Product numbers:15650-221

The product model:

Market price:Yuan/set

Wholesale prices:Yuan/set

Update time:2011.04.28

Manufacturers:JK (Group) Holding Co.,Limited
   The product detail

1. Introduction

This field test equipment for three phase multi-functional watt-hour meter is the improved precision AC measuring apparatus, which is mainly used as on-site examination of three phase watt-hour meter and used to measure variou AC parameters.

It uses 32 bit ARM processor, high resolution CLCD, mutiple 16 bit precision A/D converter, build-in 0.01 level wide-range current transformer. Also several different kinds of current clamps can be equipped, with extremely wide measuring range and high measuring accuracy. It adopts the design of low power combinational circuits and high energy lithium battery, which ensures to work long and continous hours. 

2. Function, extrinsic features and main parts

2.1 Function

•Examining various single phase and three phase watt-hour meters with real-load at site;

•Measuring various AC parameters:U,I,P,Q,PF,phase angle,frequency,harmonic wave etc;

•Judging the false wiring according to vector-relation between voltage and current, indicating vectograph;

•Saving and printing the test result of examination of watt-hour meter;

•Showing the waveform of voltage and current, and the bar graph of each harmonic wave.

•Measuring the transformation ratio and phase angle difference of low voltage instrument transformer.

2.2 Description of extrinsic features of main frame and all sockets

1The socket used to measure and input voltage and current:U1, U2, U3, U& I1, I2, I3

Position: at the top of the instrument;

Function: connect the measured principal phase ( or single phase) voltage and current.

Notice: When adopting three-phase four-wire, U1, U2, U3, Un respectively connect to the corresponding voltage terminal of measured objects, and I1, I2, I3 respectively connect in series to the corresponding current circuit of measured objects. When adopting three-phase three-wire, U1, Un, U3, respectively connect to U1, U2, U3 (Utakes place of U2 )of the measured objects, and I1, I3 respectively connect in series to I1 , I3 of the measured objects, I2 is not used.

Mark “½” is the entrance direction of the current.

2The socket of current clamp

Position: at the side of the instrument, next to electric energy pulse/data transmission.

Function: when measuring current with current clamp, insert the plug of current clamp in sockets[1], [2], [3] (corresponding to I1, I2, I3)

Notice: current clamp and direct connect can not be used at the same time to measure current.

3The socket of electric energy pulse/data transmissionD

Position: at the side of the instrument, next to the socket of current clamp;

Function: connect electric energy pulse sampler, electric energy pulse input line, electric energy pulse output line, printer and personal computer.

Notice: Although the socket is multiple-outlet socket, only one of the objects mentioned above can be connected in. When it is necessary, multiplex adapter can be used to simultaneously connect electric energy pulse input line, printer and personal computer.

4Power socket

Position: at the back of the instrument, next to the battery recharge socket. Current switch and fuse are between power socket and battery recharge socket;

Function: connect alternating current power supply(85VAC~265VAC/45~65Hz), turn on/off power supply, replace power fuse;

Notice: power fuse should be 3A.

5Battery recharge socket

Position: at the back of the instrument, next to the power socket;

Function: charge the instrument battery;

Notice: instrument battery and printer battery are differernt, so the chargers of them are reserved for specific use.
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