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Extended Ladder
Product name:Extended Ladder

Product numbers:14596-256

The product model:

Market price:Yuan/piece

Wholesale prices:Yuan/piece

Update time:2011.04.28

Manufacturers:JK (Group) Holding Co.,Limited
   The product detail


The latest wide variety of specifications of ultra-high pressure insulating climb ladder has the corrosion resistance, flame retardant, strength of sexual, non-conductive, non-fade, low moisture absorption, good stability, compared with the same epoxy resin insulation ladder light texture, good toughness. Professional D-Ladder stays, anti-slide feet and cut rod through technology, increase its anti-skid stability, but also a multi-purpose ladder, looks beautiful and easy to carry.


1. Adjustable ladder rack with front extension.

2. Fully adjustable width & length to fit most pickup trucks.

3. Plated with zinc & yellow chromate for added corrosion resistance.

4. Powder coat painted for lasting finish.
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